Victim Support

JIP fully recognise that an offence can have a wide-ranging and very serious impact. Occasions can arise where the punishment decided by the court does not seem to match the crime. Sentence lengths are meant to reflect the severity of an offence, but they do not always do that with accuracy or sensitivity to the personal impacts of offending behaviour. This can lead to a sense of justice not being done – none more so than where the harm caused by an offender does not lead to a corresponding punishment.

We pledge to support those victims who have felt failed by the justice system. We can offer support in contacting the courts and referring sentences that are perceived as unduly lenient to the Attorney General. We will also put victims in touch with specialised groups, where they can share their story, receive further advice and, if appropriate, work towards forgiveness and closure.

JIP will not support any repeat offender convicted of gratuitous or sexual violence. That is our founding policy and we will stick by it. We prioritise our services for those first time prisoners who did not intentionally inflict harm and who wish to commence law- abiding lives. This is done in the conviction that ensuring justice within prisons is necessary for justice to be upheld within society as a whole.