About Us

About Justice in Prisons

JIP was founded in 2013 following changes to Legal Aid, which removed eligibility for most prisoners to access free legal representation for ‘prison law’ and other matters. Subsequent concerns raised by the House of Lords and Justice Select Committee highlighted the potential of these changes to infringe upon access to justice.

Prison remains one of the places in society that requires heightened measures of accountability and oversight. Ensuring that all those incarcerated can effectively access the courts, as well as utilise alternative avenues of redress, is necessary to prevent injustice and abuses of power. Upholding fair, just treatment is also a crucial foundation of rehabilitation.

As a charitable organisation, JIP aims to incorporate the experience, views and expertise of legal practitioners, prison staff, victims of crime, and reformed prisoners. We are currently working with various organisations to implement our Proposal.

JIP depends upon volunteers. If you are interested our work, and would like to become involved, please contact us!