For fairness in prisons and the effective reintegration of offenders back into the community.

Welcome to Justice in Prisons

'If the rule of law is to mean anything, it has to mean that the prison system is no less answerable to the courts than any other limb of state, both for how it serves and protects the public and for how it treats those in its custody.’

- Lord Justice Sedley (2008)

Justice in Prisons (‘JIP’) is run by and for those with first-hand experience of the UK justice system.

Recent years have witnessed huge changes within prisons, many of which have been subject to widespread criticism. A danger has arisen that prisons are slipping back to a state of imbedded maladministration, unaccountability and ineffectiveness. Only by providing viable avenues of remedy and resolution for serious problems, along with a means of proper oversight, can this trend be reversed. For prison to work, it must serve the interests of justice. That entails prisoners being punished according to their crimes, as well as being given every opportunity to re-enter society as better people.

JIP recognises the importance of effective reintegration back into society. This entails prisoners being able to gain sustainable employment upon release, as well as a place in society that allows them to contribute. To that extent, JIP is pioneering links to employers, businesses and NGOs.